Roku Troubleshooting

Roku Troubleshooting guide to get rid of error messages

Are you worried about Roku error codes that pop up on your device display screen? It’s easy to resolve it as we have troubleshooting guidelines for Roku. Get rid of these errors at the earliest, else your streaming will interrupt

Let us explain the guidelines here. Analyze and identify the type of error before you begin Roku troubleshooting

Note that these instructions are applicable for any Roku gadgets that you use

If you are new to Roku and would like to purchase the model, find the reviews to get an idea of the features and specifications

Here is the update on common Roku error codes and Roku troubleshooting tips

What Are The Common Error Codes On Roku?

The error message that popup on your screen is an indication to begin Roku troubleshooting. Here is the list of Roku error codes

Apart from the above-listed codes, other error codes are available and denote a different issue

Roku error code 009

Error code 009 indicates Internet connectivity issues. The device will not detect Internet and Wi-Fi connection

Here is the error message that appear “Unable to connect to wireless network”

To troubleshoot this error code,

  • Check the cable connection to ensure that it is secure
  • Cross-check if you use a valid  username and password
  • Device reset  is the best option to  fix any error that popup

Other internet errors include Roku error code 017 and 018

Error Code 001

It’s the activation issue and can occur due to multiple reasons

Want to know the reason for this error?

  • The invalid  activation code that you use
  • Incorrect activation steps that you execute

It’s easy to avoid this error and you can refer the steps below

  • Do not miss any of the activation steps
  • If the existing code that you use is not valid, try using a new code

Try pressing the star button of your remote to get a new code

Roku error code 003

Roku gadget that you use will have the compatible software installed. It’s important to update the version regularly

  • If your device is brand new, execute the initial and guided setup.
  • Once if the network connection is active, the software update is automatic
  • Before you begin, connect the device to a high-speed Internet
  • Go to Settings >System >System update to run a quick update

Note— The latest streaming gadgets models are updated with the latest software version, OS 9.2

What is Roku error code 014?

If the network that you use is not active or if the software update fails, there is a chance for Roku error code 014 to appear

It’s not a tough task to avoid this error

  • You can update the device software to the latest version.
  • Use the Roku remote to select the appropriate settings
  • Disable the Network pings

Use the high speed and active Internet to connect your device

To fix the Roku error code 011

  • Perform a software update and check if you can resolve the error
  • Update the device using the Settings >System > System Update
  • Do not allow Internet issues to persist, troubleshoot the network problems at the earliest

Reset your streaming gadget

Resetting the device is always good. Soft, hard and factory reset are the available methods

Automatic Reset- Check if the automatic reset settings are available. Enable the settings to run the automatic reset process

Manual reset- Take out the cables connected to the device, disconnect the device from the network and connect it back after a while

How to identify the HDCP error?

You can view a purple screen with an error message, HDCP unauthorized

  • Restart your streaming device
  • Make sure that you choose or select the exact port to connect HDMI cable
  • Always use a premium or good quality cables and it’s good to check the reviews before you purchase
  • The latest models will have a different HDMI port (HDMI 1 and HDMI 2). Select the compatible port
  • Unplug the HDMI cable and connect it back once again
  • Instead of HDMI connection, switch to composite audio & video ports

It’s important to follow HDCP content protection standard and HDCP 2.2 being the latest; you need to know how these regulations play the role to prevent the data threats that arise

  • Device activation issues

    Follow the activation steps promptly, if you are a new Roku user

    • Do not miss any of the device activation steps
    • Use the valid page and code for activation
    • Check the validity of the Roku account that you use.
    • Create a new account, if the existing account that  you use is not active
    • Before you proceed with the activation, read and understand the activation  guidelines clearly
    • Always prefer using a  secure Internet connection
    • The cables that  you connect your device must be secure and it’s important to select the exact port
    • Understand the guidelines clearly before you execute
  • Channel activation error

    • The channel activation code that you use must be valid
    • If it’s a Private channel, a Private channel access code is required.
    • Refer the Roku channel guide and use the appropriate code
    • If  you prefer using channel apps, check if the app is compatible to use with your device
    • Deactivate the channel and activate it once again

    Select the compatible live channel streaming packages  that suit your budget and requirements

  • Remote pairing issues

    • Check to ensure that  you pair the Remote properly to the device
    • Fix the batteries, if the seating is not proper
    • Do not keep any obstacles between your device and remote
    • Replace the remote with a new one
    • If  you prefer using Roku remote app, verify the app compatibility to use with your device
    • Use universal remote models that are compatible to operate

For further updates and assistance to troubleshoot Roku error codes, reach out to our Roku customer support team. Note down the customer support number right away


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