Privacy policy

The term privacy policy means that how we keep up the information of the users. The responsibility of the user in maintaining their information. make sure you get the knowledge about the privacy policy before you get the service from us

Documents collected

 Here is the list of documents that are collected from the users for the sake of giving better service.documents and data collected from the users are collected by creating the individual profile. Data like name, email id, gender, mobile number are collected for the purpose to give the better service.then documents like card details and personal information are gathered to make the payment for the activation or troubleshooting issues

Method of communication

We communicate with the users via emails and chats. For the security purpose, the chats and emails are recorded

Refund and cancellation

The cancellation depends upon the user’s decision. If the user is not satisfied with our service and then our team will make certain steps to rectify the issues. There are certain terms and conditions for the refund process. The user can contact our support team and get the information whether the refund is possible or not


 The users can use cookies to get instant search results. So that the user can save the time and energy by adding the cookies