Terms and conditions

Before you get our service make sure you get the knowledge about our terms & conditions and privacy policies. ensure that you are aware of all the regulations that we follow. whoever visits our site has to follow all the rules and regulations

Our focus

We mainly concentrate on our website for the troubleshooting in Roku. Here in this website roku-troubleshooting.com , we offer support to all kind of troubleshooting issues like error code issue, activation code issue, remote pairing issues, issues regarding resetting your gadgets, channel activation issues, etc

We will assure you that we provide you the service with a professional expert and technical expert. So you can believe our site to get the service


The third person is not allowed to make the corrections or damage to this website. They have not provided authority to copy the image, create duplication, or sell the content and images that belong to the license holder or the titleholder.the users can get the benefits to from the site and is strictly prohibited to misuse or interrupt on this site

Judicial laws

If the content or the image is misused and if it comes to the knowledge of the concern authority, then certain legal actions will be implied on the particular person. If there is theft regarding the personal details the website is not responsible for the theft. Because the personal information given will be kept very confidential.

We can change any laws and regulations at any time without giving any notice to the users. Only the users has to stay updated to get the new laws and regulation

User responsibility

It is the user’s responsibility to maintain their details and keep the billing secured. We are not responsible for the damage or cause created on the user’s property. We may not assure you that all the details given on the website are guaranteed. It is the customer’s responsibility to safeguard and keep the card details confidentially without any theft


It is mandatory to agree for all the terms and conditions that are liable to get the service from us.once you enter to our website you will be notified to agree on the terms and conditions by clicking the agree with option

Changes that can be done

It is the license holder or title holder’s decision to make the changes on the site. The user guide or the instruction can be changed without any notice given to the user

For reference

If you need to get more information regarding the terms and condition or about our service, you can resolve your queries by contacting our professional customer support team